Back in the saddle

I’m working in an office again. It’s only 10 hours a week at this point, but it still involves the following activities that working from home does not:

  • Packing a lunch
  • Getting Dressed
  • Showering
  • Making small talk
  • Arriving somewhere on time
  • Having childcare
  • Working for an hour or more in a stretch

These things are not that hard, but when you’re not used to a schedule or planning (and have gotten used to squeezing work in between board books, naps, and make-believe games) it can feel like visiting another country.

I’m not sure I’ve fully re-acclimated to the customs of the workplace yet. For example, I’ve done the following things as of late:

  • Forgotten to pack a lunch only to look in my wallet and see I have no card and no money on me. Office coffee lunch, here I come.
  • Not budgeted time following my morning hike to both dress my daughter and shower (thank goodness my husband helped me this time, because my understanding is that it’s as important to come to work clean as it is to go to school in clothes.)
  • Not budgeted time for the appropriate ‘new workplace goodbyes and chats’ before leaving the office and cut it dangerously close for picking up my little one. (A little one-on-one time with the teacher makes a kid feel special, right?!)
  • Felt proud of myself for ‘being on such a roll’ with my work and thinking it’s time for a break…then glancing at my watch and realizing it’s only been 45 minutes. Hmmmm, that much time to myself in one sitting is unusual at home, but at an office…get a grip and get back to work lady!

So, yeah. I’m working on working in a normal human manner. I like to believe this is the natural learning curve that comes with returning to the office. I’ll catch up again!…right?



About onaclaireday

I am a wife, a mother, a social worker, a writer, a crafter, and a seeker who is trying to blend all of my passions into one balanced life. Usually my path feels cloudy, but occasionally, on a clear day, 'getting it right' feels so close I can smell it. Here I'll write about that journey sharing about whatever strikes my fancy from good books I'm reading to interior design. Thanks for reading and sharing your journey too. - Claire
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