I’m distraught


I know that there are bigger challenges in this world, but I am distraught today over the death of my squash none the less.

Here they are before the sickness:

And now I have squash borers. Here’s how gross they look.

They have infested basically ALL my plants. I am trying to save a couple and see if I can get at least a couple more veggies from these beautiful plants I’ve loved since they were seeds. I’ve basically resigned myself to the fact that they’re all crapping out on me. But I’m still surprisingly sad and annoyed and sad.

Here’s what I’ve tried to save them:

  • Pulled out the ones that are eaten to the root, so they don’t infect other plants.
  • Sprayed neem oil. (OK, I know no one says this works, but it was the only pesticide I had in the house and I had to do something!)
  • Cut open my squash stems looking for the worms to remove them (none found) and buried the stems in soil after the cut.

I’m planing on spraying another pesticide (hopefully organic) once I figure out what to use, because almost everything about about to plant (hello pumpkins, winter squash…) is susceptible to these vermin too. So, I’m opening the floor and begging for help. Thoughts? Suggestions? I’m crushed that my squash are all dying and I need a hail Mary!




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I am a wife, a mother, a social worker, a writer, a crafter, and a seeker who is trying to blend all of my passions into one balanced life. Usually my path feels cloudy, but occasionally, on a clear day, 'getting it right' feels so close I can smell it. Here I'll write about that journey sharing about whatever strikes my fancy from good books I'm reading to interior design. Thanks for reading and sharing your journey too. - Claire
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