Homestead Planning

I’ve never shared my homestead plans for the year I realized. Oops. Here’s the abbreviated list of what’s taking place in the next couple months. I’m excited to see it all come together and will share information and photos along the way.

Yard Construction

The goal here is to make our outdoor place more useful. I want to be outdoors as much as possible, because I love it and everything I’m reading says that’s great for kid’s health too (Raising Elijah, 15 Minutes Outside, Creative Play, Calm and Compassionate Children, and Last child in the Woods).

  • 8X8 patio for the bean teepee in the summer and a fire pit in the fall (Patio may wait until next year, though bean teepee is a definite)
  • Covered patio area for shady play and lounging
  • Hang swing for daughter
  • Small shed for outside garden supplies (i.e. gas cans)
  • Add drip irrigation to raised beds

Garden Construction and Planting

Our goal here is to grow as much of the food we eat as possible, without adding any animals this year. (I’d like to eventually have chickens, bees, and a goat, but my husband is NOT on board with that yet, so I’m going to get the green things in order before I move forward with more.)

When planning a homestead in the city, I’ve read that you should do the following to be as productive as possible:

  • Follow the square foot gardening method
  • Plant what you eat (This is why I’ve added dried beans and arugula to our garden this year.)
  • Grow fruit as well as veggies because you get the biggest bang for your buck with fruit

With that in mind, here’s the planting plan…

  • Second 8X8 raised garden for veggies
  • 4X8 raised garden for melons
  • 4X8 mulched area for berry bushes
  • 3 grape vines with grape trellises (just need one more grape vine)
  • three dwarf fruit trees added to our lime tree area (These may wait until next year, budget depending)
  • Small raised bed for asparagus and rhubarb

Home Repair/Updates

We live in the old home of our dreams! I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have a house that is charming and old and in generally great condition. However, there are always small improvements to be made. Our biggest repairs right now are maintaining the exterior (we gotta paint, paint, and paint some more) and to fix the tile floors. Here’s my full list of cosmetic and maintenance repairs for 2012.

  • Paint the hall and the bedroom (they are literally the color of a bandaid. Bad news.)
  • Reorganize the bedroom closet, so it’s more functional (Old home=small closets. Put two adults and a king bed in one room and you get a permanent mess when the closet is poorly used.)
  • Organize my home office, so it’s pleasant and useable (One of my favorite rooms in the house has never fully been moved into, so it’s hardly ever used. WTF?!? I’ve gotta fix that.)
  • Paint the windows that need touching up (I scraped and sealed some damaged widows before the winter, but now we have unpainted windows everywhere. *frowny face*)
  • Seal the laundry room tile (Put in the tile + Never sealed it= mess when wet close are on the floor. Yuck.)
  • Reseal the bathroom tile (Our old bathroom tile is charming, but old, so it ALWAYS looks dirty. Must. Fix. This.)
  • Set up a gardening tool area in the basement (My gardening tools have taken over the mudroom. convenient, but messy and leaves no room to walk through. My hubby wants this changed and, even though I like my clogs and gloves to be *right there* when I want to run outside, I could walk downstairs pretty easily and go out that way without too much trouble.)
  • Add glass doors to replace old garage door (this will make it easier to go outside from the basement.)
  • Finish the home studio space in the basement and upstairs (This is the biggest and most important house project, so I’m not sure why it’s on the bottom of the list. Maybe because it’s size has me daunted? Regardless, my husband’s work depends on this room’s completion, so it must MUST be done this year.)

The only other thing I wish we could put on this list is the kitchen update, but that, I’m afraid, is a luxury. We will need to have some money rolling in before I can justify that, so I’m not even putting it on the list. There you go life. I’m prioritizing other things.

What are your big plans for your homestead this year? Are you daunted, inspired, proactive, procrastinating your list of ‘to dos’?





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