6 weeks to a better me – Day 1 Journal

6 Weeks to a Better me Journal – Day 1

Day one was a busy beautiful day full of kid care and contract work. I feel good about sticking to my meal plan and squeezing in some activity with it all. I think I did more today just because I had a plan at all. When things got busy I just looked at my chart and followed the rules. (I’m a big rule follower, so that was the easy part ;).)

Here’s what D1 looked like:


Plan was based on this

Looked like this in reality

  • Breakfast – 2 Scrambled Eggs, 1 large grapefruit, 1 cup of coffee with 2 splendas and 1/4 cup milk
  • Snack – 25 almonds
  • Lunch – Turkey Wrap (turkey, flax seed wrap bread, arugula, 1 piece of cheese, olive oil and vinegar, 3 cherry tomatoes)
  • Snack – 1 piece of string cheese, 1 apple
  • Dinner – ‘Green’ Pasta (brown rice pasta with tomatoes, onions, garlic, cheese, and broccoli blended into a smooth creamy sauce), Side salad and 2 Tbsp olive oil/vinegar dressing


Workout based on this

Really looked like this

  • Walked by daughter to and from school.
  • Walked the dog.
  • Total = ~20 min casual walking. (Hoped for more, but some is better than none!)

All in all it felt good to beat my stress cravings by having a plan and have movement scheduled in my day, so even if I didn’t get to my official workout I still was more active than usual. Well, there you go. Day 1 in the bag.

A note on writing this little segment… It feels a bit weird to be putting my private journey in a public space, but I think it’s the right thing for me right now. For one, I’ve come to the point where I’m better about writing here regularly than I am about working out and eating right, so my thought is, if I combine the two, maybe I’ll be more accountable to my health. And two, there may be someone out there who finds it interesting or helpful in someway simply to witness my journey. There have been countless times that one book mentioned by a friend, one quote posted on a blog, one story shared over coffee…it’s changed my life. Sometimes it’s the small stuff. So, though I don’t expect to change any lives by sharing my struggles path, if I don’t put myself out there, I know I won’t for sure.

D1 – hazza!



About onaclaireday

I am a wife, a mother, a social worker, a writer, a crafter, and a seeker who is trying to blend all of my passions into one balanced life. Usually my path feels cloudy, but occasionally, on a clear day, 'getting it right' feels so close I can smell it. Here I'll write about that journey sharing about whatever strikes my fancy from good books I'm reading to interior design. Thanks for reading and sharing your journey too. - Claire
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